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Eventually, we love sailing holidays very much! Well, it all started five years ago, when we decided to attend sailing courses. Once we got our certificates, we talked a bunch of friends into it and we chartered a yacht for our first sailing holidays that took place in the Ionian sea. We had a fantastic time on board; we all shared the excitement of this new experience and we really enjoyed ourselves. As beginners, we were not confident enough to go on our own, so we chartered a skippered yacht; a very nice, cozy and comfortable Lagoon 420 catamaran.


Conveniently, we started our journey from Lefkada. We had already arranged for the catamaran which was at the marina waiting for us and we begun our 2 weeks’ journey there. We started our tour with Lefkada beloved beaches and in between we docked at several secluded bays where we enjoyed our private swimming. Our tour included Kephalonia and Paxos islands and several smaller islets and uninhabited islands such as Tragonisi, Kastos, Meganisi, Marmaronisi and Skorpios.

We had a wonderful time while sailing and we were pleasantly surprised with our discoveries; small hidden treasures in all the islands that we docked. We were very lucky because our skipper knew all the amazing beaches with the superb green blue water colors and he led us to all of them. We also trusted him for our food; we ate lovely local delicacies and wines in small, cozy and totally authentic places, far away from the massive tourist areas.

Each of the places we saw and visited remains still a delightful memory for all of us. We had an excellent time and we enjoyed dreamy holidays. Besides the places, we really had a lovely time on board. The catamaran was more than comfortable; four fully sized cabins each with its own shower and a spacious salon were fully equipped with all kinds of amenities and accessories that we might need. Well, thinking of all these right now just makes us even more anxious about this summer’s sailing plans.

When it comes to our sailing holidays, we all prefer the best destinations to spend our valuable vacation time. Greece offers this quality of sailing life as it is surrounded by hundreds of beautiful islands. Most of them are reachable by boat and have harbors with the needed amenities. Every island of Greece is a different adventure that you must explore. Each and every one of them has its unique beauty and places that you can only visit by boat. That’s why sailing in Greece is so popular. If you do not own a boat or a yacht, you will find what you are looking for very easy as there are hundreds of agencies here to help you. Recently I found great info about yachting in Greece in “Istion yachting”, a yacht charter Greece company .

The amusement of yachting is combined with traditional local cuisine in order to lift your joy to the highest level. Little local tavernas serve home-cooked food and also plates for the meat lovers in which, lamb and goat are being prepared in several different ways. The traditional plates are stuffed tomatoes and peppers, stuffed aubergines,  eggplants cooked in a variety of ways, fresh fried potatoes, tzatziki and other sauces based on garlic, vine leafs stuffed with rice and herbs (dolma) and many others. Last but not at all least, are the plates with fish and seafood. The shrimps can be found boiled, fried and prepared on the stove using charcoal. There’s also a recipe, almost the same in all Mediterranean countries, where the shrimps are cooked together with tomato, pepper, extra virgin olive oil, feta (white) cheese and other ingredients, all together in the frying pan. This last recipe can be also used for cooking mussels. For them, there is also a great variety of cooking ways in Greece. The most popular one is when they are cooked and served with rice. The fresh fish is what everyone is looking for when he comes to Greece. The taste of the fish in the Mediterranean and moreover, in the Aegean sea, is much better than the one of the fish of the ocean.  Eat your fresh fish on the stove and you will never forget it. The particular cooking way is meant for larger size fish. The smaller ones are fried in the pan and end up in your with a delicious taste! The king of summer, here in Greece, is the octopus. The Greek islands are worldwide known for the tasty recipes when it comes to cooking octopus.

All the above and even much are is what you will find if you decide to spend your relaxing holidays in Greece.Image